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What is a Pest & Disease Control District ?

 A Pest and Disease Control District is a commodity-specific special district composed of local growers organized to have the legal authority for more effectively controlling, eradicating, or responding to the effects of pests and/or diseases affecting a specific crop. Click below for downloadable copies of our letter, FAQs and Petition.

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Pest Control Districts (PCDs) are formed when a commodity group recognizes that certain pest threats exist which will cause economic loss to the industry. State and Federal programs are beneficial, however, growers know that the ability to be proactive in dealing with an exotic pest gives us the best chance of control and eradication. We cannot afford to wait for government to address our urgent needs. A well-governed PCD allows us to proactively manage our livelihood.


Now. The formation phase is underway, and now is the time for you to be heard, join the conversation, and help spread the word. We forecast the completed effort for the formation of a regional Pest and Disease Control District being early 2023, with programs being installed within the 2023 growing season.


A coalition of growers has been hard at work navigating the myriad steps involved in outreach, education, connecting with regional, county and state level lawmakers, assessors, counsel, and other Pest Control Districts throughout California. The establishment and running of a Pest Control District is 100% stakeholder (grower) driven. A link to the UC IPM paper fully describing the work of a PCD is below.

This Pest Control District would be funded by an assessment on each acre of wine grapes growing in Sonoma County. Looking to mirror the trapping and research efforts in wine growing regions elsewhere in the State, our math is showing us that we can get this started at $5 per acre, and once established there may be ample opportunity to collaborate with other existing PCD’s in the North Coast. If you are interested in participating in the formation of this district, send us an email:


Acres of Sonoma County Winegrapes


Sonoma County Residents Employed by the Wine Industry


Sonoma County Wine Industry Economic Impact

Napa County Winegrape Pest and Disease Control District has been successfully supporting trapping, mapping, research, education, and public awareness about wine grape pests since 2001

Vine Mealybug Mapping in Napa County

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Yet another reason for a Pest Control District

Subject: Invasive pest found in Napa County The following information will be announced by the County Public Information Officer on May 20.  On May 12, 2022, a county pest detection trapper discovered a single adult Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer (Harrisina metallica) in a trap located in Pope Valley near Dollarhide Road.  The Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer (WGLS) isContinue reading “Yet another reason for a Pest Control District”

Controlling Risks through Collaborative Pest Management 

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