spotted lanternfly
spotted lanternfly
Press Release

Insight and Opinion: Creating a Pest Control District in Sonoma County

by Cindy Kron. PhD
Nov 8, 2022

California’s climate and soil creates a very special place for agriculture. With over 400 commodities, California is responsible for producing more than 33 percent of the vegetables and 75 percent of the fruits and nuts in the country although we only occupy 4 percent of the land that makes up the United States. 

According to the California Department of Food & Agriculture’s (CDFA) most current annual crop report (2021), California’s farms and ranches received $51.5 billion in cash receipts for their outputs of which grapes (wine, table, raisins) are ranked second bringing in $5.23 billion. Specifically in Sonoma County, winegrapes were the number 1 crop, bringing in $541 million which accounted for over 66 percent of the total crop value in Sonoma County for 2021. Winegrapes are very important to Sonoma county’s local economy and efforts to protect the future of this commodity along with the numerous jobs that it creates is of the utmost importance. 

Historically, the formation of pest control districts has played the role of […]

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